Welcome to VISHNU School

Vishnu School weaves both modernity and tradition into the tapestry of education, blending modern scientific education with values and ethics.

To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education.

To impart quality education, train young minds, mould the character and promote leadership qualities to maintain high standards of dignity.

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Why Choose Us

Young minds are nurtured to collaborate, think and express themselves, simultaneously acquiring the creativity of art and the competitive spirit of sports.

Atal Tinkering Lab

ATL is one of the prestigious achievement, set up by the government of India under Niti Aayog.

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The school canteen is a place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating for children.

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We have enough number of school buses to pick and drop the students in and around bhimavaram.

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Professional Teacher

Teachers of Vishnu school are proficient in their subjects and passion for teaching

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Women in Data Science (WiDS)

An Education outreach program introduced first in India in our school for secondary school students by Stanford University to meet, engage, discuss and learn the latest about what’s going on in business, education & research.

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Global Student Intern Program led by leadership teams of Microsoft introduced in our school for students of classes VIII to XII. This internship program is built to help students learn through the real experience of running a company for few months.

How to enroll your child to a class ?

This the right time to make your child life, Join our seminars & training.


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K12 Academy is an innovative internship platform that provides internships.

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POD Cast

Recording of Thematic Programs of Our School Students

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The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists.

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Focus on creating social impact using digital platforms- Virtual Book Reading Marathon


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Chairman , Sri Vishnu Educational Society

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Vice Chairman , Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Sri R Ravi Chandran
Vice Chairman
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Secretary, Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Sri Aditya Vissam
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Joint Secretary, Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Sri K Sai Sumant
Joint Secretary
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Art and Craft

It helps in socializing, enhancing innovation and creative ability, sharpens decision making skills and improves visual learning and memory.

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Dance and Music

Learning dance and music helps the child to develop and articulate as physical and verbal communicators and also understand various cultures

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Hand Writing

Hand writing is an essential skill for children in activating their brain and also contributes to reading fluency as it activates visual perception of letters.

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Martial arts like Karate is taught to our students as it benefits our kids at every aspect of their lives physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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School Bus

Our Facilities

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music enhances the student's learning. Guitar is taught in our school that enriches our normal classroom.


It builds endurance, muscles strength cardio vascular fitness and removes stress from the body and also to maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs.


We give importance for sports and games in our school equivalent to regular studies as they are integral part of a student life.


Learning by doing brings practical experience for the students to enhance their innovative and scientific skills.


Library is an asset which widens the student's mind, improves their knowledge, clear their doubts and instills the habit of reading which will stand them in good stead in future.

Health Services

Our students avail regular health check up in our campus hospital. They also have a frequent dental check up for oral dental hygiene.


Vishnu School Conducting various Events for the Students

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26th Jan
Republic Day
  • Vishnu School
  • 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
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18th Dec
  • Vishnu Auditorium
  • 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
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16th Dec
Maths Week
  • Vishnu School
  • 5.00 am to 9.00 pm