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Additional Courses

Art and Craft:

  • Art and craft activities involve moving the hands and fingers that help in development of fine motor skills.

  • Engaging our children in these activities from a tender age leads to tremendous improvement in hand-eye coordination.

  • It gives the child to express his feelings in a meaningful, tangible and positive way.

  • It helps in socializing, boosting self esteem, enhancing innovation and creative ability, sharpens decision making skills and improves visual learning and memory.

Dance and Music:

  • Learning dance and music helps the child to develop and articulate as physical and verbal communicators and also understand various cultures.

Hand Writing:

  • Hand writing is an essential skill for children in activating their brain and also contributes to reading fluency as it activates visual perception of letters. Special care is taken to improve handwriting of students.


  • Martial arts like Karate is taught to our students as it benefits our kids at every aspect of their lives physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It also develops balance, co-ordination, focus, respect, discipline and self – defence.