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Welcome to the Vishnu School managed by Sri Vishnu Educational Society and Dr. B.V.Raju Foundation. Our school is designed to focus on education, potential and character. We do provide a totally balanced environment aimed at shaping children into leaders of tomorrow. We impart comprehensive education through a developmental approach. Our school promotes order, self confidence a love for learning and sense of social responsibility.

Life is an endless shores of challenges. Education prepares children to deal with these challenges in the most successful manner. Education today is no longer geared towards rote learning but towards analytical thinking. Every student must learn to pursue knowledge and enrich life with true knowledge. The world at large is changing, we are truly going global and opportunities have multiplied a hundred fold. It is the time to learn to make the best opportunities which come on in one’s way in order to be successful in the life or one may be left out of the race.

Sri R.Sathiya Moorthy
We have designed this web site in a way that it should give you a glimpse of what is happening at our school. We are a society made up of prospective Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Director, Principals and quality teachers, students all striving together to make a positive impact on our culture and society.
Thank you.

R.Sathiya Moorthy, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,

Sri R.Sathiya Moorthy Completed his schooling, Graduation and Post Graduation in Tamilnadu and began his career as a biology Teacher and worked for three years.
And there upon he worked as a Headmaster for four years. In the Consequent years he served as Vice Principal and In-charge Principal for five years.
To his credit he is having ten years experience as a Principal.